Rwanda Legacy of Hope team visited schools in Rukoma and Rugalika sectors of Rwanda, in particular G S Sheli and APPEC schools both of which are located within the Kamonyi District. The team of volunteers (including Mr Cletus Moisob the IT Manager at Plymouth High School For Girls) held meetings with head teachers and staff and were delighted to be able to distribute a quantity of educational and sports kit together with vital study and reading materials in English.

A total of 44 computers including 2 printers and 1 projector were donated by Plymouth High School and installed by Cletus Moisob who was able to provide practical advice and training to the ITC teachers at both schools.


This equipment will have a real impact on the students as it will enable them to learn more effectively, access the Internet for their studies and develop their research and educational skills.  The school equipment will also have wider benefit to members of the local community as it can also be used for training purposes to increase IT skills and improve employment prospects.


This is an independently run school which has 1000 boarding and day students and 28 teachers (20 secondary level and 8 primary level). Currently, there are 400 primary pupils and 600 secondary students. There is also a nursery school.


Members of the team met with the Headteacher.  This school was in urgent need of ITC equipment, having only 6 computers for the whole school.  The staff consisted of 1 headteacher, 1 IT Technician and 40 teachers.  There are 2000 children at primary, secondary and nursery levels. Nursery provision is provided to 62 small children and is paid for by parents wherever possible but no child is denied a place on grounds of lack of finances.  The school urgently needs more study materials and books.


Both schools would derive substantial and lasting benefit from input of volunteer teachers from UK in methodology and pedagogy.

It is hoped that this urgent need will be addressed by the establishment of a partnership link with schools in Plymouth UK at both primary and secondary level.  Legacy of Hope will provide specially selected teachers from Rwanda with the opportunity to take part in a 4 week work placement within a UK partner school to gain insight and experience in lesson preparation, teaching methods, benefit from exposure to authentic native English speakers and enhance their IT knowledge and skills.

A further supply of assorted subject related study materials in English are required.

Teachers need assistance with lesson preparation including providing suitable fit for purpose illustrative and supplemental teaching aids/materals.

It is recommended that a Learning Resource Centre is set up in each school to enable all materials to be shared and accessed by teachers and students at all levels to ensure maximum benefit.

Further computer equipment including printers and projectors are required to develop IT learning.