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 A total of 10 schools (including those at both primary and secondary levels) were visited in rural areas and within the Kigali City, Kamonyi District as well as Kibirira, Mahembe Ngororero District and Nyamagabe District.

Rwanda Legacy of Hope acknowledges the main difficulties faced by many schools within Rwanda, particularly those struggling with the following areas:


Teachers have been impacted by the most important change in Rwandan      Education Policy in 2009 when the medium of instruction from primary to secondary level was changed to English. Previously, Kinya-rwanda was used as the medium of instruction at Primary level and French/English used at Secondary level within all schools. Teachers lack sufficient knowledge in basic IT applications coupled with a deficit in the availability of IT equipment. Schools require study/teaching aids and equipment in English including DVDS. CDS and study text books in  English. As a result, Legacy of Hope suggests the following strategic approach to address these issues:

 Key recommendations and proposals

Educational support and guidance is needed in areas of methodology and pedagogy. Teachers need exposure and access to authentic ‘native speakers’ of English and first-hand experience of an English classroom setting to learn best academic and pedagogical practice; Teaching staff need to acquire and build upon their skills and existing knowledge and improve levels of confidence in the use of IT as a tool for teaching, learning and assessment practices;  Training needs to be contextualised and directed towards the specific school learning environment;

Pilot training programme to be implemented and delivered for 4 nominated teaching staff from  designated school(s) (1 primary/ 1 secondary) within Rwanda to attend a period of work placement from 2 weeks to 1 months in duration within 2 key partner schools in Plymouth, UK (Plymouth High School and Thornbury Primary)  to learn IT skills and ‘shadow’ their UK counterparts within the classroom and to receive instruction in use of IT and lesson planning and delivery;

On successful completion of pilot programme, participants will return to Rwanda and disseminate their acquired knowledge and skills to colleagues with the help of ongoing support provided by designated teaching ‘buddies’ from Plymouth High School and other partner schools;

Current Situation and Main Needs

Groups of students have only limited time to learn IT skills. They do not have access to the internet as there is no modem or national infrastructure in place. Now the project urgently needs volunteer teachers to help deliver the programme of educational support when the team returns in February 2013. Any offers of help from 2 weeks to 1 year are very welcome. Since 2009, the medium for education has been English and many of the schools visited would benefit greatly from a supply of English textbooks and teaching resources such as DVDs or CDS as well as the volunteer teachers from the UK who can commit their time and skills to train and support teaching staff to deliver lessons. There is also a shortage of text books in English and materials in English for teachers to use. 70% of the available books are written in French. Children also need basic sports kit and equipment and there is a lack of paper and equipment for creative work. Improved lighting and decoration is also a priority need to aid study in the school classrooms.